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Giancarlo practised law for 27 years in Italy and in London, specialising in international corporate and financial matters. He experienced a conversion to Christ at the beginning of 1980. Catherine worked in different industries in Europe, North America and China and speaks fluently four languages. She came into Renewal in 1978, as a natural deepening of her Christian faith. They married in 1980.

For several years they were involved in systematic evangelism and in a number of ministries and charitable activities. At the end of 1992, following a clear call from God, they resigned from all the works and Giancarlo left the legal profession. Since then, they have held evangelistic rallies, helped to start new churches, released new ministries which are now functioning independently, trained leaders and pastors, held schools of prophecy, healing seminars, schools of the Spirit, in North America, across all Europe, East Africa, South East Asia, Siberia, Indian Subcontinent, and Israel. They have ministered in remote areas of the Himalayas, Borneo, Siberia, India, some never reached by any foreigner before.

They have been invited to minister at conferences, churches and fellowships across the denominations, in more than 40 countries.

Evangelism is their main concern and their aim is to encourage churches and individuals to know the love of the Father better, to grow in intimacy with Jesus and to use more effectively the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially healing and prophecy. They are also committed to support persecuted Christians, to a realistic vision of unity among all believers in Jesus and to the rediscovery of the Jewish foundations of the Christian faith.

Light to the Nations Ministries are members of Partners in Harvest


After giving his life to the Lord as a teenager, Mark trained as an engineer and spent 12 years working in Building Services design & construction. He was called into full-time Christian ministry and with his wife Kathy attended Birmingham Bible Institute and then Bristol Baptist College, which led to a call to a Baptist Church. After serving in three churches, and several years later, he was drawn towards mission based ministry and since 2006 has been preaching in churches both in the UK and overseas, participating in mission trips alone and alongside others.

He has a heart to engage, encourage and exhort people to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ and Sons of the Father. To see people connected to the reality of God’s love and to live their lives from a place of intimacy with him.


Chris and Inger Woodcock share Giancarlo and Catherine’s vision and have a heart to serve the nations, particularly in Mozambique where they have a ministry called ‘Hope in Mozambique’ (www.hopeinmozambique.org).

They pastored a church for ten years in Norfolk. Thy now live in Dorset and are part of the Gathering Place Fellowship in Blandford Forum. Chris’ background was in the financial markets in the City of London and Inger has been involved with fund raising. Inger was partly instrumental, several years ago, to bring Giancarlo to the Lord and ever since they have been close friends. Chris and Inger travelled, together and separately, with Giancarlo and Catherine to several nations, where they helped sharing the ministry of the word and prayer.


Linda Palmer assists with the LTTNM administration and she is the coordinator of the School of the Spirit led by Giancarlo and Catherine. She ministers prophetically and her lively and strong anointing often translates into dreams and interpretation of dreams, visions and very accurate words of knowledge. Her prophetic intuitions have frequently contributed to the refining and focusing of LTTNM global vision. She has also deep compassion and a pastoral heart toward those who are struggling physically, emotionally or spiritually, whom she reaches with the healing truth of the Gospel.
Linda is married with two children and lives in Surrey. She worships at King’s Church, Oxted, and is actively involved in their Healing Rooms and Treasure Hunts. She is the Author of the book entitled ‘My Grace is Sufficient’ which is based on her testimony of healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (www.healingme.co.uk)


Sarah Turner is a nurse by profession and an evangelist at heart. She gained a considerable experience through her past involvement with YWAM projects in London for homeless people, men and women deeply damaged by drug addiction and prostitution. Through this ministry Sarah also developed her gifts of creativity, especially painting, by running art workshops in an atmosphere where destitute and emarginated people know that they are accepted and loved.

Her heart is to reach anywhere and everywhere with the message of God’s love, through art and creativity. She is involved with the Street Pastors outreaches and she ministers at both the Healing Rooms and with the Prophetic Encouragement teams in her home church, Oasis in South London. She is also a home group leader and a hospital assistant chaplain.

Sarah frequently travels with Giancarlo and Catherine on various ministry trips to Europe, sharing in the prayer ministry and holding prophetic art workshops

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