“But You Beloved…”

Hi, you Bible lovers! When was the last time you read the letter of Jude? I hear the question: “Where is it?” Find it in your Bible and read verses 20 and 21. We are  encouraged, almost commanded to stay, abide in the love of God and we are addressed with those wonderful words: “But you… beloved….”. But you….

There is no point in listing all the difficulties that this world is now facing, nor in dwelling too long on our own personal problems. If anyone can sincerely say that his or her life is just plain sailing with no difficulty at all, please call me, I am eager to see you. I love to meet unique, extraordinary people. If you are just “normal” as I am, you certainly carry your own share of problems, like everyone else. However, when we read the words in Jude 20, we know that there is something different for the believers.

But you …, you are not like the rest, you do not identify with the masses, you are not another anonymous face in a crowd. But you…., you will not be overcome by your difficulties, you will not be crushed, you will not despair. But you…., you have something extraordinary, something that is deeply rooted in the inner parts of your soul, something that can never be snatched away from you, something that, sadly, non believers do not even know that it exists and is available. This precious pearl of immeasurable value is a free gift from God to us who believe, not because we are any better, or special, or more deserving than any other human being. Not even because we know we have been saved and redeemed and we know who Jesus is. So, what is it? This gift is the awareness of the love of God.

God loves everyone, believers and non believers alike, saints and sinners in the same measure and He loves each one of us as much as He loves Jesus His son. But only few are aware of this incredible love, only few can be invited to dwell, to stay in that love, because they know it, they have experienced it. The love of God surpasses all understanding, cannot be explained, not even using millions of words, cannot be analysed, it can only be experienced and enjoyed. Once we believe and Christ dwells by faith in our hearts, then we know we are loved and we know what the love of God is like.

This awareness of God’s love is here, within our grasp and it will satisfy us to the fullness. Once we become aware of it, there is nothing that can take it away from us, there is nothing in this world, nor in the world to come that can separate us from the love of Christ. If I know that love, all my problems and difficulties become like nothing. They may be there, they may be a threatening presence in my life, but they have no effect on me. I know, I posses, I treasure something infinitely greater and more powerful. And even if I sincerely can say that I know I am loved by God but I find it difficult to receive that love, I can always turn to my Saviour with the words of the Psalms: “In the morning let me know Your love” and “O satisfy us with Your love” and He will do it, He will pour His love into my heart and I will be satisfied.

But you….. beloved…..

This short note was written for Cheer Trust, a ministry dedicated to the spiritual and material support to those parenting alone.  Cheer Trust can be reached through www.cheertrust.org

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