Healing Brings Salvation

One Thursday in October 2000 at the age of 39 my sister developed such a severe headache that her GP had to be called home. He immediately sent her off to the local hospital where they did a CT scan on her brain.  She was told there was nothing untoward and she was sent home, even though her headache was still severe.  Over that weekend the Lord laid upon my heart to pray for my sister’s headache.  On the Monday morning my sister received a call from the radiographer at the hospital saying that she had “felt prompted” to look at my sister’s scan again and had realised there was something not quite right.  She was summoned straight back to the hospital.  They had discovered that she had suffered a brain haemorrhage and that she had two aneurysms in her brain which needed an operation to clip them to prevent them from bursting.  They could give no guarantees that she would survive the operation.

At that time many of my faithful Christian friends around the world prayed asking Jesus to save my sister’s life.  She was in surgery for nearly nine hours. As she came around she had an epileptic fit and stopped breathing for a short while.  Within five minutes of receiving that news, a local Christian friend turned up unexpectedly at my friend’s home where I was at the time and we all prayed for my sister to come through.  Praise the Lord she did and was eventually discharged from hospital.  I was so relieved and grateful to the Lord for saving my sister’s life.  Her driving license had been revoked because of the epileptic fit, but she slowly started to regain her strength.

One evening, the following March 2001, she had a suspected stroke and was re-admitted to hospital. Eventually, when she was discharged, she realised that she had lost all feelings in her body . She could no longer tell the difference between hot and cold, so her husband had to run her bath etc, she had become incontinent, her vision had become very impaired, she became afraid to eat because she had no sensation of swallowing. She could only manage some bland mashed food occasionally and consequently  lost weight. She lost her ability to lead a normal life as wife and mother. The health services did not seem to know what to do for her.  Many of my brothers and sisters in Christ continued to pray for my sister’s healing and on more than one occasion, at the Sunday morning services, our Pastor asked the whole church to stand and plead for her recovery.  During that time, Giancarlo and Catherine also prayed and in particular they prayed against all the fear and infirmity down the generational line.

My sister’s condition did not improve, although we continued to pray. We also decided to arrange for her to see a specialist neurologist at the National Neurological Hospital in London.  On Sunday 10th August 2001, prior to her appointment in London, she came to our church. That step in itself was a miracle:  for the three years leading up to her haemorrhage, she had refused to have any contact with me because of my faith, even though we had been so close as sisters previously. The sermon that morning was from John, 15 where Jesus encouraged all of us to abide in Him, the vine. That was also amazing, because several years earlier my sister had shared with me a dream she had had about seeing Jesus in a vine, something that she didn’t understand.  I told her about John 15.  That morning, we sat together in the church, crying.  At the conclusion of the service another miracle happened: my sister allowed Giancarlo and Catherine to pray for her.  She told me later that she put her head down and shut her eyes as they prayed for her healing.  Quite quickly she started feeling heat in her tummy, which then went through to her back . She said she thought maybe one of them had placed their hands on her body. She momentarily opened her eyes to check but they hadn’t. She remembered that I had told her once that sometimes when the Lord heals you can feel heat but she did not believe me.  At that moment she believed me!

Giancarlo and Catherine continued to pray and the heat went all the way up her body right to the top of her head.  When she opened her eyes her vision was totally restored and she said she felt completely different.  She was overwhelmed, her face looked different and she said it had been the best day of her life so far.

When we got home, she looked in the mirror and recognised herself for the first time since March.  She also ate 10 roast potatoes mashed up in gravy! Following Giancarlo and Catherine’s prayer that morning my sister started to feel the physical sensations of her body again, started to eat properly, could tell the difference between hot and cold, stopped being incontinent,  started to regain her strength and live a normal life.

In, 2002, she regained her driving license and now has a new little car (also a gift from the Lord), which has given her independence back. Our relationship as sisters has been totally restored but, above all, now my sister knows Jesus as her own personal Lord and Saviour. His hand was on my sister all along, but our faith was stretched. Out of his great love and compassion, He answered Giancarlo and Catherine’s prayer for healing that day and He performed a miracle.

Thank you Lord Jesus, all the glory goes to You and You alone, because You alone are our Messiah, our Saviour, our Healer.

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