Message From Sweden

I don’t know if you get many letters thanking you for your gentle prophetic ministry.  I hope you do, and that this is simply another for the collection.

I was pretty exhausted the day you came to our church. On top of all that, I felt bad to be in a less-than-normal condition when greeting new friends and hosting a brother and sister for a meal. I consoled myself that the Lord would take me where I was and that He would probably bless me as well as everyone else, not because we were tiptop, but because we needed Him.  He did, just as I expected, knowing Him.

I guess I just want you to know that I have never received such a gentle, humble prophetic ministry before.  You both endeared me to yourselves with your humanity.  I am a little prophetic myself and really appreciate that you spoke things you saw with such simplicity and seamless transition from conversation to speaking into a person’s life.  I loved it and it really blessed my soul.

I also want you to know that you said things to me that addressed longings deep in my soul since I was a little girl, things my husband has never heard me speak of.  I felt, in all my tiredness and weakness that the Lord, my Abba, was telling me at age 60 that I have become what He put in my heart as a child, that He gave me a heart to be a mommy when I grew up, that I became a mommy in His purpose, and that my children will rise up and praise me, which they have all four begun doing in amazing ways. I have come to the time in my life, I call it the reward stage, when my adult kids bring me to tears of gratitude to the Lord and victory in Him whenever I contemplate where He found me nearly thirty years ago.

You also spoke into my husband’s life with true prophetic anointing, yet so simple and quiet and humble.  The picture of the house, noble and elegant, with that exhortation to boldness, was exactly what the Lord wants to do for him.  Things have cracked and opened a bit in our understanding since you spoke with that icebreaker instrument of the prophetic word.

My experience has been that true prophetic words spoken in the right moment penetrate deafness and stagnation and thrust the person’s life forward with supernatural power and I believe this is what you brought to my husband at just the moment of Father’s choosing.

So, I thank you from the heart.  I rejoice in your lovely ministry.  And I commit to pray for you during your brave adventure to Pakistan.  We look forward with great expectation to the time at the conference where we hope to receive more of God’s planned action in our life at this very critical time for us and our church.

With grateful love,


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